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youth group

Grades 6-12

Fridays 7pm - 9:30pm

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Pastor Jeremie Minani: 

Love God - Help Humanity

Pastor Jeremie has experienced God's sustaining power during times of need as well as God's miraculous grace.  He was born in a Rwandan refugee camp and lived there for the first eight formative years of his life. 

Jeremie grew up in a home that believed in the power of prayer and depended on the miracle performing hand of the one true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. In 2006, God answered his mother's prayers for rescue, and his family was one of 3 families to be chosen to emigrate; his family arrived in Canada and soon found a church home right here at what was then called Evangel Chapel.

So many years later, he is still here, still serving, still loving.  Pastor Jeremie is the Youth Director and Assistant Pastor at New Beginnings Winnipeg.

A big believer in loving God through loving and helping humanity, Jeremie longs to use his full capacity in what God has given him to improve the living conditions of those in need, and with the Gospel, share the life-giving truth of Jesus Christ to a world so desperately in need of a saviour.

Listen to Pastor Jeremie Share His Testimony

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