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our global missions project for Cuba

We believe saved people, serve people; and as a church, consider it a privilege to serve as the hands and feet of Christ at home and abroad. 

In our current global missions project, we've partnered with a church in the nation of Cuba, which is currently undergoing a national medical supplies crisis. Communities across the nation suffer from a shortage of even the most basic over the counter medicines, to the extent that doctors are often forced to prescribe home remedies to their patients.


The church we've partnered with is gospel-minded and people-focused in their endeavor to seek out and supply medicine to  its severely affected communities. Those in charge of this program request support through prayer, donation of over the counter medicine, and financial support to assist in their travel and purchasing of medicine that takes place outside of Cuba.

As a Church and community we are running an over the counter medicine drive/donation which will be flown out and personally delivered to the partner church in Cuba by a member of our congregation. 

See below the situation, need, and most solicited medicines in the words of those impacted by the crisis.

"Our Situation..."

"Covid-19 isn’t the only virus that hit our nation: scabies, dengue, zika are common.  Also there are other diseases like cardiovascular and respiratory problems, cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, kidney infections, dental infections, asthma and others.

In the hospitals, the doctors are having to choose who gets medical attention.  They ask the patients what remedies they have in their homes in order to tell them what to take, simply because the medical centers have none."

"Our Need..."

"- Prayer.  We know that God is preparing everything to the good of those that love Him, that is to say, of those He has called in accordance to His plan.

- Medicine. Our government has recognized the need for medicines and is permitting that every passenger who comes to the island bring free of charge and without weight limit baggage containing medicines.

- Monetary help: 

- For the purchase medicine,

- Flight tickets out of country to buy medicine"

 "Medication most often solicited..."

- Acetaminophen

- Vitamins A, B, C, D

- Balsamo Tchaikovsky

- Antibiotics: Azithromycin

- Ciprofloxacin

- Cefalexin,

- Amoxicillin

- Permethrin

- Clobetasol cream

- Furosemide

- Cough syrup for children and adults

- Cold medicine for children and adults

- Metformin

- Excedrin migraine

- Meloxicam

- Sulfamethoxazole

(aka: cotrimoxazole)

- Gentamicin

- Zinc

- Diclofenac cream and pills

- Antihistamines

- Sleep aids (i.e. Melatonin...)

- Multivitamins children and adults

- Laxative

- Antacids

- Menthol cream

- Menthol patches

- Alcohol pads and needles

- Band Aids

- Aspirin 81mg and 325mg

- Ibuprofen

- Listerine

- Nebulizer

- Salbuterol

- Anti-Diarrheal

Bring your over-the-counter medicine donations to

the front desk at New Beginnings Church during office hours

Sunday 10:30AM - 12:30PM

Monday: Closed

Tuesday to Friday 9:00AM - 4:30PM

Ways to Give Financially 

In Person:   

- Giving Envelope (Specify "For Cuba Missions")

- Interac Machine (Tell front desk giving is towards Cuba Missions)

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