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A Place for women


Bindhu Mathews

Women's Ministry Director


A testimony to God’s mercy and grace.


I was raised in a loving, traditional, Christian home in Port Blair, Andaman Islands, India.  Each Sunday we went to Sunday School and church, but it was not until I was 23 years old that God brought a wonderful woman of God to my workplace.  Her testimony, lifestyle, and mentoring led me to accept Christ as my personal savior.  Soon after, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and then took water baptism.  My earnest desire since then has been to hear God’s voice and obey His leading. In His mercy, He’s been showing the way and providing the boldness to walk in it.


Women's Ministry Meetings

A wise woman builds her house by living a lifestyle that is nurtured and developed under the reverential fear and knowledge of the Lord through studying, understanding, and applying the Word of God in her life.


Through women’s ministry, we endeavor to raise up women who are strong in God which will enable them to build stronger and healthier households, families, and communities. In these meetings, we share our hearts, we seek and receive heavenly manna that unites us and feeds our souls through worship, testimonies, prayer, and devotionals.

The women meet every 3rd week on Saturday mornings from 10:30-noon.

Contact Bindu for more information.

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